Graphic Design Desk

Graphic Design Desk The graphic design desk is a valuable piece of furniture that has been in the business for quite some time. Many people are turning to it to do many of the jobs now done by computer programs. There are three basic designs. The one you are using now, the traditional type, and […]

Searching For Employment?

Searching For Employment? Graphic design employment rates are reported by employers. The graphic design employment rate is determined by the number of people entering the field, by the cost of labor, and by the size of the design company. These three factors are all considered when calculating a graphic design employment rate. A design company, […]

Great Alternatives for Adobe Photoshop

In the world of graphic designing, one of the most recognizable names is Adobe Photoshop. Offering an extensive selection of instant effects, a fluid graphical engine, a professional-looking interface, and attaining an admirable level of distinction among other computer programs, Adobe Photoshop is truly a beast in the art world. While its offers definitely have […]

Art+ Technology= Graphic Design Careers

Creative manipulation of images such as photographs, paintings and digital media using editing software—this is what graphic design careers are usually all about. Graphic designers make visual concepts that inspire, inform and captivate people usually, consumers. They work on advertisements, websites, corporate reports, logos, brochures, and magazines. Graphic design artists usually need a bachelor’s degree […]

What is Graphic Design?

Over centuries, messages have been expressed in multitudes of ways. All kinds of art forms rose for the compliance of varying endeavors: advertisement, the utterance of thoughts, entertainment, and many more. Graphic design is one of the results of the industry’s ever-evolving technological foundation. Compared to other kinds of design, it is relatively young. What […]